There are three types of portraits you can commission. For all three the sitter will need to come over and pose in my studio. Each approach allows me to capture and depict another aspect of the complexities of the human character and personality.



The most direct and lively capture of a moment and mood of both the artist and the model. This type of portraiture is the most apt at capturing expressions and moods, glances and attitudes and is therefore the most lively in my opinion. I work very quickly and make three portraits in three hours. Of these three you can than choose the one that has the most lively and expressive.

50 x 60 cm - Mixed media on paper
€ 350,- for one drawing
Sitting time: 3 hours



Life-size Drawing

More monumental and graphic, these life-size drawings  allow for more stylistic and pictorial creativity. Here, besides the good resemblance and accuracy of detail in the portrait itself, I like to also create something truly interesting to look at by giving special attention to the way I treat the body, clothes and the space around the model. These large drawings have a light and almost calligraphic quality, because I also make two or three them in a single afternoon or morning, of which you can choose the one you like the most.

100 x 150 cm - Acrylics on paper
€ 1250,- for one drawing
Sitting time: 4 hours

Oil Painting

Oil paints are more slow and laborious to work with, and the result lasts for centuries. More studied, balanced and vivid in colors, details and shapes, this type of depicition is more evenly tempered over time and can be likened to a matured and balanced wine. The overall expression and mood of the sitter becomes softer, more complex and deeper, as a result of the fact that one needs to sit and pose for much longer. That allows me to see much more sides and moods of the same person, and these all get distilled into one single depiction of the sitter.

custom size - Oils on linen or wood
from € 2250,- depending on size
Sitting time: 3 x 3 hours